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Enjoy the company of other art enthusiasts or a more intimate partner bonding activity in a fun, social setting for a variety of events such as Parent & me, Coffee & Paint, Holiday designs and more! Outside snacks and drinks welcome. Where: Parkland, Florida. Single quantity open session is good for 1 seat/painter unless event notes Partner Painting in which case is good for 2 seats/2 painters.Β Β 

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Unleash your inner artist with new (never repeated) painting kits in each box. Splashkits are handpicked and curated for each painter. No experience necessary to have a good time. Hours of entertainment and activity creation. Hassle free subscriptions offer recurring billing, no contracts, cancel anytime, ship to a different address or even skip a month.



Give the gift of lasting memories and experience with hours of entertainment and activity creation! No more unused toys and clothing. Unbox a new (never repeated) colorful design each month, handpicked and curated for each painter. Hassle free memberships offer one time purchase, no recurring billing or cancellation, ship to a different address or even skip a month.

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