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Kits for Kids provides creativity, imagination, self expression and healing through art for underprivileged children either homeless, in foster care or experiencing other hardships.
For these children, feelings of isolation go beyond what we have experienced due to the recent covid-19 pandemic and often struggle with long term effects of their circumstances.
Art provides an outlet for self expression and communication, supports emotional and mental wellness, builds confidence and stimulates intellectual sensory and essential motor skills.
Your contribution gives children an activity filled with hours of enrichment, entertainment and self care, complete with everything they will need to create a masterpiece as beautiful and as unique as they are.
Each Kit Includes:
- A colorful paint design, paired to meet the specific needs of each child
- An 8x10 inch canvas (Some come presketched, other designs don't require sketching)
- A set of paint brushes and/or sponges
- A set of water-based acrylic paints
- Easy to follow, step-by-step written and image based printed instructions
-& a hand written note from one child to another
Sarah and Maliah are the youngest members of a family owned business that offers a variety or painting activities to communities across the United States. Filled with the joys of crafting and painting, we want to share our experiences with other children that wouldn't otherwise have access to. Ambitious to give back, our goal is to raise $3000 in 30 days in and effort to provide 200 painting kits to special children. With the help of our community, faith in acts of kindness, our painting resources, time and love, we believe we can add a splash of color and joy to over 200 children with your support!
Your donations go towards cost of supplies for painting kits, packaging, postage, gas and other expenses which allow us to gift these kits to deserving children. We promise to give you updates, pictures and more as we embark on this journey! No donation is too small and every share helps our cause. For more information about our family business which enables us to utilize our resources for this very cause, please feel free to visit us at www.splashkits.com. Serving the community as a family since November 2018.
Thank you for your donations and support!
To donate or sponsor a kit for a deserving child please Click Here 
Feel free to email us at info@splashkits.com.
Disclosure: We are NOT a 501c3 non-profit organization. We are NOT a tax-exempt organization or charity. We ARE a family local to the Broward County, Florida looking to raise funds in order to give back to our community (U.S. based) while utilizing our reduced costs for supplies and other resources from our family owned business to aid this fundraisers cause to help underprivileged children. A minimum of 80% of the proceeds received from this fundraiser after Facebook receives their portion (2.60% + 0.30 USD of each donation is paid to Facebook to cover processing fees) will be donated to a non-profit organization aiding underprivileged children of our choosing (which will be noted here for all participants to view). 20% of the proceeds (or less) received from this fundraiser will be retained by SplashKits Corporation for cost of painting kits supplies, packaging of such kits, gas for delivery to charity, labor for preparation of and other expenses associated with supporting this fundraiser and its cause. we are looking into a few local reputable non-profit organizations and will disclose the recipients as soon as we know. We believe in transparency and want to ensure that our generous donors know that this is NOT for profit but a way to give back. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.
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